A Mompreneurs Work-Life Balance

Owning two businesses that I look forward to everyday, knowing that they both allow me to say “Yes” to spending time with my family has blessed me with the perfect work life balance.

Opening my home daycare in 2006 was the best decision I ever made as it gave me the ability to be there for my family.   My girls have asked me why I don’t work outside the home.  I let them know every chance I get that I chose to be with them as babies and toddlers and I continue to choose to be there for them every day.  As they grow and our lives change being a business owner allows me to make choices to suit my family.  In 2012 I changed my daycare to school year only when my youngest daughter began full day kindergarten.  This has continued to allow me to spend quality time with my girls when they are not in school and is mutually beneficial to professionals who work in the school system who only require childcare from September to June. 

Both of my businesses promote sharing my passions with my children on a daily basis.  My girls are a large part of the daycare children’s lives and I truly believe we all benefit from sharing our home with our little friends.  My girls also love my Smart Earrings business as we sell our products on Etsy and at local vendor shows they want to be a part of it every step of the way.  If my girls want to help with something I see it as wanting to be with me doing what I’m doing.  So I always try to say “Yes!”.  It may mean being creative in finding something, anything they can do to help.  If I am doing something I know they can’t possibly help with I put it away and ask them what they want to do with me instead.  I know they need me in that moment and my job’s #1 perk is being able to stop working and give my full attention to my family.

My work day is nontraditional and definitely not a 9-5 job, but I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything.   I am living the cliché “Do what you LOVE, love what you do” from the time I wake up in the morning until the time I go to bed.

Owning a business that I look forward to everyday and enables me to say “Yes” to spending time with my family has blessed me with the perfect work life balance. As our lives change being an entrepreneur allows me to make choices that suit my family.


Deb Whitfield, founder of Take Heart Canada and Smart Earrings, on work-life balance written for Mompreneurs, November 2015


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