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This quick order Starter Pack is a curated collection of 16 pairs of our best selling earring designs for girls that meet my order minimum and is perfect for trying out my signature line!  These designs range in size from 8mm to 11mm (perfect for girls) and made with your choice of back. 

Hypoallergenic plastic posts are perfect for metal sensitive ears but loved by everyone.  Feel confident that you can provide all of your customers with fashionable earrings, even those with metal sensitive ears.


Invisible clip-on style backs for non-pierced ears. The clear plastic clip-on style is light, gentle, and hypoallergenic. They slip over and hug the earlobe and many say they can't even feel that they are wearing earrings, unlike most metal style clip-on earrings that pinch and feel heavy.

All of these earrings are my top sellers for girls and the most popular color in each design. Unicorns, rainbow hearts, glitter, hearts, gummy bears, sprinkle donuts, flowers, and more...all the most popular earrings in one quick order set.

Each earring is displayed on a card and packaged perfectly for retail in a clamshell with a hang hole.  The clear packaging protects the earrings while showing off the front design as well as the clear plastic backs.  The earring packs fit nicely on most turning earring racks or can be hung on a slat wall or peg hook display.

Designs included:

10mm blue gummy bear (12.99)

9mm dainty daisy (11.99)

10mm purple gummy bear (12.99)

8mm mixed glitter (11.99)

10mm red glitter heart (12.99)

11mm ladybug (12.99)

8mm layered rainbow heart (12.99)

purple glitter unicorn (12.99)

8mm druzy cranberry (11.99)

10mm pink sprinkle donut (12.99)

8mm dark teal druzy (11.99)

10mm red gummy bear (12.99)

10mm purple/blue butterfly (11.99)

9mm lilac rose (11.99)

10mm multi-color butterfly (11.99)

9mm bright pink rose (11.99)

Pretty Smart earring designs are intended for girls over 3.