QUICK ORDER- Girls Winter Designs

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This quick order starter pack is a curated collection of 20 pairs of our best selling designs for girls that are perfect fall and winter accessories!  These designs range in size from 8mm to 11mm and are made on your choice of plastic posts for sensitive ears or invisible clip-on backs for non-pierced ears.  Feel confident that you can provide all of your customers with fashionable earrings.

All of these earrings are my top-selling designs for girls to tweens.  Mermaids, unicorns, rainbow, glitter, hearts...all the most popular earrings in one quick order set.

Each earring is displayed on a card and packaged perfectly for retail in a clamshell with a hang hole.  The clear recyclable packaging protects the earrings while showing off both the front of the design as well as the unique clear plastic backs.  The earring packs take up little space and fit nicely on most spinning earring racks or can be hung on a slat wall.  The display options are very versatile for your needs.  Our earring packs are also 19mm deep which meets letter mail shipping requirements.  

Designs include:

9mm rose - orchid purple 11.99

10mm squared mixed glitter -12.99

8mm layered rainbow heart - 12.99

9mm rose - dark aqua 11.99

10mm glitter unicorn - purple/pink mix 12.99

10mm glitter star - 12.99

8mm druzy - purple/blue 11.99

9mm rose - red 11.99

10mm glitter heart - 12.99

8mm druzy - silver 11.99

10mm mermaid scale - blue/purple 11.99

10mm glitter-filled bubble - gold 11.99

10mm glitter-filled bubble - red 11.99

10mm rainbow heart - 12.99

10mm sparkly heart- clear iridescent 11.99

10mm round mermaid scale - white iridescent 11.99

8mm druzy - green 11.99

8mm druzy - burgundy 11.99

10mm foil cabochon - white iridescent 11.99

10mm mermaid scale - pink color shift 11.99


Pretty Smart earrings are not intended for children under 3.