Stainless Steel Screw Back Earrings

  • Made from hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel, 18K gold PVD coating with a smooth high polish shine made specifically for sensitive ears.   
  • The 18g posts are threaded and feature a safety screw-back to ensure your earring backs stay safely in place allowing airflow with nothing pressing tightly against your sensitive ears.
  • PVD, short for Physical Vapor Deposition, is a vacuum coating technique for applying a lustrous and durable layer onto metal surfaces. The process involves the use of titanium nitride, known for its exceptional durability, to create the coating. Unlike traditional gold plating, PVD coatings are highly resistant to corrosion caused by sweat and everyday wear. This makes PVD an ideal option for individuals who prefer to keep their jewelry on at all times, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting earrings for years to come.
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