6mm Double Sided Invisible Clip On Metal Free Shell Pearl and CZ Earrings

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Double-sided clip-on earrings for nonpierced ears. Two classics in one pair.

One side features a small 6mm (approx. 1/4") round white simulated shell pearl. Turn them over to wear the 6mm clear cubic zirconia. This size is appropriate for those who prefer a dainty classic earring style.

The flexible clear clip-on style is comfortable to wear and the perfect option for non-pierced ears. They slip over and hug the earlobe and many say they can't even feel that they are wearing earrings, unlike most metal style clip-on earrings that pinch and feel heavy.

The small round high luster simulated pearl with the acrylic backs make a 100% metal-free hypoallergenic earring. The simulated pearl is made with mother-of-pearl and polished to a high sheen. The AB finish on these pearls gives a reflective rainbow appearance on the surface. They are man-made of high-quality materials that are both beautiful and durable.

Pretty Smart earrings are not intended for children under 3.