Oh Mylanta! My earrings were worn on Fuller House!

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Have you finished Season 4 of Fuller House?  My girls have counted down the days for months since they announced the release date.  December 14th I woke up to the theme song of Fuller House playing as they had to watch the first episode before they went to school.  They are huge fans of the spin-off of the late 80's sitcom Full House. The entire Season 4 was binge watched by the end of the weekend and they have already started watching it again.  It's really funny to hear some of the old favorite Full House coined phrases "Oh Mylanta", "how rude" and "you got it dude" I heard as a teen become common again. 

I am also a fan of the renewed show and find it cute, funny and heartwarming.  That is why I was over the moon to find out this past June that Lori Loughlin (Beckywould be wearing my earrings on Episode 3, of Season 4!  It was an exciting moment and my girls were jumping up and down excited for me!  I saw the earrings as she was doing an Instagram Story and again later when she posted a photo of her and Candace Bure (DJ).  

Fuller House Jewelry Earrings Candace Bure DJ Lori Loughlin Becky Pretty Smart

It's a proud moment when your girls are jumping and as excited for you as they are for themselves.  They love being able to say my mom's earrings were on Fuller House as much as I do I think.  It makes my heart smile that they are so happy for me. 

Thank you so much to The Artisan Group and the Fuller House stylists for this amazing opportunity! 

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