Plastic Post or Invisible Clip On Metal Free Druzy Earrings, 8mm

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Having metal-sensitive or non-pierced ears no longer means you can't wear adorable, fashion earrings! Pretty Smart earrings, the clear choice for comfortable ears.
These earrings are popular for mommy and me gift sets. You can order your choice of backs for sensitive or non-pierced ears and your choice of 8mm or 10mm.  Find the 10mm earrings here:

Dainty round resin druzy studs

Metal-Free resin druzy cabochon with plastic foil AB overlay

8mm (.31 inches)

Pretty Smart earrings are available on your choice of back:

Invisible clip-on earrings for non-pierced ears: They slip over and gently hug the earlobe and many say they can't even feel that they are wearing earrings, unlike most metal style clip-on earrings that pinch and feel heavy.

Plastic posts for metal sensitive ears. Our plastic posts are BPA, nickel, lead, and cadmium-free. They are perfect for pierced ears and anyone with sensitivity to metal earrings. The clear hypoallergenic plastic-post style earrings are lightweight and comfortable for metal-sensitive ears.

Available in your choice of color;
Top row: white, light pink, dusty pink, peach, cranberry
2nd row: cherry red, green, neon yellow, neon orange
3rd row: light blue, dark teal blue, royal blue, purple
Bottom row: denim blue, gold, burgundy, purple/blue, solid black (black is the only color that does not have the iridescent AB overlay)

Small parts - Pretty Smart earrings are not intended for children age 3 and under.